Cosmic Builders And Contractors at located in Cochin Kerala. We Building Your Dream Homes And Official buildings In your Budget Related plan. We are Happy To Help You Always Contact us 9847039918, The company possesses sufficient resources to execute and to complete the projects within the set time period. Our list of resources is vast and is also flexible enough to meet the increased requirements of our clients. we have sufficient storage of Shuttering materials, scaffolding materials, Machineries & Equipments. We also have provided housing facilities for our Senior Management Staffs & Engineers. Qualified engineers & site supervisors Machines & Equipments Shuttering & scaffolding materials

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Government Building

We understand you need a building that works for
you and your organization, and it must function well.

Health Care Construction

We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective health care environments.

Water Treatment

The most powerful things we do is help improve
water quality for millions of people each year.

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Managers In Cochin Since 1989

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