carry/yank a tool by its cord or hose.
 Also be sure to keep these cords or hoses
far from oil, heat, water, and sharp edges.
your ears and eyes
 from intense noises and vibrations; opt for power tools with
lower vibrations, muffled noises, and longer trigger tools.
hand tools do not conduct heat or electricity.
good posture and balance the tools
 in correct alignment to your body at all times.
other people well away from machine-operating areas.
Consider investing on a construction
safety program for your employees.
be aware of your surroundings.
 Have a care for overhead lines, obstructions, low
clearances, underground utilities, and other such obstacles that could prove to be a nuisance or
a lethal hazard.
understand, and follow your workspace’s comprehensive safety program
 issued for
that specific workspace, job position, and task at hand.
use damaged tools;
 examine each one before its use to ensure that it is in proper
working condition. Maintain tools in good, clean working order.